Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Shortie- Still Life, and a strange omen

Saw this scene today.

Somehow, it accurately sums up my life right now.

Two nights ago, I had a dream.

A nightmare, definitely.

I was walking the halls of work after hours. The building was empty. There was only darkness, punctuated by the tiny red glow of the exit sign. As I began to set the alarm before leaving, a hallway appeared where the stairs should have been. A clearing became visible at the end of the long corridor.

The air changed.

Heavy, silence.


Just a whisper of a noise came from somewhere on the other end of that hallway. My heart began to race, blood was pounding in my ears.  I knew something was coming and I didn't want to see it.

Please, no. Please, no. Please, no.

I felt sick with dread. Dizzy with certainty that something was there. And it knew that I was here.


The impending sight grew closer, and I knew I would have to face it.

Please, no. Please, no. Please, no!


Shock! Movement! I forced my eyes open to take it all in. Across the hallway, a figure in mid-sprint appeared, headless due to my perspective of the hallway. She? was completely black. Dress, skin, She tightly clung to a roll of wrapping paper, unraveled and trailing behind her in bright, violent pink. She made no sound, and it was as if she was running to escape my line of sight.

Paralyzed by fear and disbelief, my feet were stone. I began to scream a sound of warning to the offending apparition. The scream took over my throat, but I could not open my mouth.

Just as quickly as she appeared, she was gone, but I still had no control over my terror. The throat scream continued, a sad, screechy, desperate whisper...


My eyes snapped open. My husband wanted me to move my head so he could put his arm under my pillow.

"Honey, was I screaming?" I still felt the weight of my immobile feet.

"Um, no."

"I was just dreaming that I was screaming."

"No screaming, babe."

Fine. But you know what? Two days later? My throat is still sore.

Today, I was looking through a Dream Analysis book at a garage sale. I flipped through the pages and stopped on a section entitled "Spirits." There was a whole paragraph on what it means if you dream of a "fleeing phantom." I wish I had written it down verbatim, but the basic theme?

Problems will also begin to flee.


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  1. oooo this gave me shivers!! I like the problems fleeing part!!

  2. Yes, I agree: Problems fleeing is a good thing.