Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I need a little quiet.

I am starting to feel...melancholy. I need to figure it out. I have a ton to say and a ton to think about and I want to do it right. I love you, readers. You echo back to me all the time that we are so very not alone in all we are trying to achieve. I love that we are all trying to achieve.

I don't appreciate my own inconsistency lately. I am supposed to post on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. NOT HAPPENING. I am failure.

Speaking of that...
I ate some pizza the other day. After the pizza, the cravings for processed food came back almost immediately. It was almost like my tastebuds that were enjoying the healthy food just disappeared. SO frustrating and disheartening. I got really sick on Saturday, pretty sure it was food poisoning...(a good story), and my body isn't back to normal yet. I haven't gone on a run since Friday. I miss it, and don't want to get out of the habit, but I also need to get back on a normal sleep routine again, and since getting super-sick, I can't sleep. Hence the midnight oil.

I feel like I am at the fat tipping point where just taking the stairs a few times instead of the elevator should equal at least a 2 lb weight loss. So how is it that running a few times a week and eating healthier does not equal much weight loss at all? Ah! I know what is going to happen next!!! SAY IT. Say muscle weighs more than fat. I'm feeling punchy. (How 'bout it?)


To be honest, nothing really tastes that great right now. What gives?

I cracked open a fortune cookie the other day (not to eat, gross. Want mine?), and it said something to the effect of "Happiness is where you look for it."

Is that the answer? Am I just not looking hard enough for the happy? It's pretty easy to find things to complain about. I'm real good at it. Real good.

So I want to really look at that. And I will be posting a few of my "greatest hits" for awhile.

Go buy some Greek yogurt, but get the kind with the fruit in the me. (Chobani rules!)


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1 comment:

  1. I relate. If being healthy is so good and makes you feel so much better why on earth is it so hard sometimes. Fortune cookies seem like great advice when you're happy, but when you're down they just mock you with how easy it is for other people to be happy when you aren't. Hate them.

    Would eat yours though!